Our Local Suppliers

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Our Local Suppliers

These are our "Cottage Industry" suppliers. They all make handmade products using sustainable materials where possible & are based in the UK.

Ethical Kidz Handmade Products

Ethical Kidz has a growing range of handmade products. When making products we always aim to:

  • use local suppliers
  • use sustainable materials
  • use recycled or recyclable
  • avoid factory processing wherever possible
  • use our hands to make them

Look Creations

Mat Look, from Look Creations in Derbyshire, turns locally sourced wood in to beautiful creations. Mat works with local hardwoods sourced from gardens, hedgerows, wind-blown trees or timber felled for safety reasons. Mat ensures nothing is wasted; wood that can’t be made into furniture or turned is either used for fire wood, mulch or pet bedding. This makes his products not only handmade, but also biodegradable &, most importantly, sustainable. 

Lucy Sheeran

Lucy Sheeran is a local artist & illustrator. Based only a few miles down the road from Ethical Kidz, Lucy has provided the hand-drawn images you see on our website. Lucy has her own range of greeting cards, as well as doing commissions of pets or your home. 

Raggedy Homespun

Raggedy Homespun was created by sisters Sarah & Mandy, & is based in Derbyshire. Sarah & Mandy make all their products completely by hand using homespun fabrics or off-cuts. Their products are traditional, yet unique & make great gifts. Children, in particular, will love them for their simplicity & comforting effect. The Ragdolls are Raggedy Homespun's adaption of a primitive ragdoll. Each doll is made of calico, salvaged off-cuts & homespun fabrics in a variety of patterns & colours. The hair is wool based & comes in a range of colours. Raggedy Homespun's products are CE Certified.

Billy Bye

Billy Bye is a freelance photographer based in Bakewell. He has a small studio & gallery in an historic part of the town. Billy has photographed many of our products.