Raise Awareness

Raising Awareness of Environmental & Ethical Issues

this is why we're doing it...

  • We believe an understanding of the world and how it works drives a desire to look after it.

this is how we're doing it...

  • We aim to provide you with easily digestible facts & figures about ethical issues & the environment. We read & research reliable sources of information & summarise what we find into absorbable chunks. We give simple tips on how our findings can be applied to daily lives to make them a little greener. This information is delivered to you by our news updates. There are also chunks of information scattered throughout our website, just click wherever you see the lightbulb icon.


  • We have a growing collection of downloadable fact & activity sheets. These sheets tell you about our environment & encourage environmentally friendly behaviour. Our currently available sheets can be viewed on our Eco Activities page
  • Many of our products are environmentally educational & encourage environmentally friendly behaviour such as active, imaginative & creative play as well as reduce, reuse & recycle. We have an Ethics Guide that allows you to determine at a glance the green, ethical & educational credentials of all our products. Visit our shop