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Knitting is a great skill to have. Once you can knit you can make all kinds of things from woolly hats, scarves & gloves to jumpers & carries. Making your own clothes is good for the environment as is removes the need for many factory processes & transport costs. Even better still use sustainable Bamboo needles & Hand-Dyed & Spun Wool.

If you would like to learn how to knit then this short guide will help you to get started. Once you have mastered these 3 simple steps you will be ready to move onto much greater things.

We have 3 FREE fact sheets to download

  1. Learn How to Cast On CLICK HERE
  2. Learn the Knit Stitch CLICK HERE
  3. Learn How to Cast Off CLICK HERE

If you have enjoyed these activities & would like to learn more, why not download our FREE Learn to Knit Booklet which includes & expands on what you have learnt above. It consists of 10 colour pages, 8 skills, 8 activities as well as some handy knit tips.

The skills include

  • Casting On
  • Knit Stitch
  • Purl Stitch
  • Stocking Stitch
  • Rib
  • Casting Off
  • Sewing Together
  • Bobble Making

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