Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Packaging THIS ONE

We present most of our products wrapped in acid free tissue paper, stuck with a selection of pretty stickers. This is to protect your products in transit & to make them a delight to open when they arrive. 

We avoid sellotape wherever possible, however occasionally it is necessary, for instance, we do not want the yoyos to unwind in the post! 

Products sold as gift wrapped generally come wrapped in acid free tissue paper, stuck with a selection of pretty stickers, the put inside in recycled boxes tied with luscious wood-pulp ribbons. Gift wrap designs may vary, however we can assure you all options are eco friendly. 

All bubble wrap is re-used. We NEVER buy new. If a product comes in bubble wrap it is to provide extra protection during transit or to ensure your products don't get wet during particularly rainy weather. 

Every order comes with a FREE recycled bookmark.