Ethical Business

A Green & Ethical business

At Ethcial Kidz we believe that being a Green & Ethical business is a way of life rather than a "jumping on the bandwagon" marketing campaign. We also believe that being Green & Ethical does not need to be complicated.

It involves adopting your own set of green practices, as well as sharing useful information with other individuals & businesses.

We’re not perfect yet, but that is our goal! We aim to adopt green & ethical practices in every aspect of our business, not just those that are visible to the public.

Some of the things we’re doing so far…

Using Energy

  • We switch it off when we’re not using it
  • We don’t use it unless we need it
  • We favour a sustainable source (solar panels to heat our water, & wood-burner to heat us, using wood grown locally or on our own land)
  • We insulate our building
  • We only travel by car when necessary; we walk, we cycle, we lift share, we rarely fly


  • We try not to create it
  • We buy in bulk
  • We only use paper when necessary
  • We do not produce excessive marketing materials, or a catalogue
  • We reuse it (e.g. all of our packaging is reused)
  • We ensure that as much as possible of our waste is biodegradable or recyclable
  • We compost & recycle


  • We use both sides of our 100% recycled paper
  • We drink fairtrade coffee & tea
  • We drink tap water (bottled water is banned – it costs more than petrol per litre! And is essentially tap water anyway)
  • Food is either local, organic or fairtrade & is mostly made at home; we avoid processed food.
  • We are learning to grow our own vegetables (& getting better at it each year!!)


  • We consider & review what we do & the impact it may have on the environment & society
  • We are aware of what we don’t know & aim to fill this gap by learning more (hence the vegetables!)
  • We encourage others to be more environmentally friendly & try not to be too bossy about it!
  • We share information & resources


  • We want to support & be part of the local community
  • We want to raise funds for charitable activities
  • We recognise that our customers are our community

Finance & infrastructure

  • We pay our invoices by BACS reducing unnecessary paper & fuel to post
  • We favour electronic records over paper
  • We encourage our suppliers to reduce unnecessary paperwork
  • We are open & transparent
  • We are a company with charitable aims


  • We look for suppliers with solid environmental & ethical business practices
  • We always consider a local supplier first
  • We constantly review our suppliers & move towards those with the most robust environmental & ethical practices
  • We look for inspirational & innovative ideas and products

Last but not Least

We have fun and enjoy life


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