Easter Hunt

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We have created a downloadable Easter Hunt sheet. Print off as many copies as you like & create your own Easter Hunt. You can either add items to find hidden around the house or garden, for example

  • a wild flower
  • 3 chocolate eggs
  • a chick
  • a chocolate bunny
  • a garden flower; e.g. primrose
  • a pebble
  • a coin
  • a toy rabbit
  • etc...

OR write clues to a destination. At each clue destination the children can collect a letter or two. When all the letters have been collected they can tell you what they spell e.g. Easter Eggs, which they could collect from the host.

OR you could have treasure at each clue destination, which they could collect in a Treasure Hunt Bag.

OR at each destination you could have a rubber stamp & ink & they could stamp their card. When they have collected all the stamps they could receive a chocolate egg.

Here are some examples of clues if you're stuck for ideas

  • go to the apple tree
  • look under the picnic bench
  • near the gate post
  • etc...

For older children you could have a question to be answered or an item to collect with an Easter Egg at the end once they have answered all the questions, examples might be ....

  • find the date this house was built?
  • find a sage leaf
  • when is the sun highest in the sky?
  • work out this anagram & go there EGTBLVEAE CHTAP
  • etc...

Have lots of Fun!


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