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The Human Fruit Machine is great as a stall at a Fetes or to play Just for Fun!

This game of chance is good on so many levels. It helps children with maths, such as probability, statistics & addition. As well as how to raise money at a fair for a good cause. It will also give them a sense of enterprise.

Children not only love playing the Human Fruit Machine, but also enjoy setting up & running the stall with friends.


  • It’s good to use a bell when a prize is won. This makes it fun & attracts attention to your stall.
  • At Christmas, you can pull the fruit out of Christmas stockings & use a sleigh bell.
  • Chocolate coins make good prizes. Fruit can also be used as prizes, especially if you want to teach children about nutritional values. Use the one with the greatest nutritional value as the best prize.


  • 3 cotton, draw-string bags
  • 9 pieces of wooden fruit or vegetables
  • 4 mini wooden boxes (3 for drawing fruit into & 1 prize box)
  • Prizes, we suggest gold & silver chocolate coins, or fresh fruit
  • A Coin Pot (a decorated baked bean tin makes a good noise when a coin is thrown in)
  • A table & 3 chairs in a row
  • Pens & Card for poster making
  • A Bell or whistle

The rules

  • You will need 3 people to run the stall; the human part of the human fruit machine.
  • The 3 people sit side by side behind a table.
  • Each person places one of the small wooden drawers in front of them on the table.
  • Each person has a cotton bag with 3 pieces of fruit inside, one of each type.
  • They sit with the bag on their lap with one hand inside it.
  • When a player wants to play, they are asked to put a coin in the coin pot & ring the bell. This begins the game.
  • When each person running the stool hears the bell they place their hand on one of the pieces of fruit inside their bag. Together they count to 3 aloud & on 3 place whatever fruit they have in their hand in the wooden box on the table.
  • The combination of fruit is checked to determine if a prize has been won.
  • If it is a winning combination a prize is put in the prize drawer & the bell is rung. 

We have created a downloadable fact sheet with the instructions for creating a Human Fruit Machine. It includes the information above plus some maths activities & answers to help you decide how much to charge players & how many prizes to give away 


Alternatively we have put together a Human Fruit Fruit Machine Kit, containing what you need to get going ....


 You can find crayons, card & glue to make you poster by following the link below


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