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23 Jan 2014

Active play and exercise make happy, healthy, children.

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The UK has recently seen an alarmingly steep rise in childhood obesity. One of the primary reasons for this is simple - inactivity. We want to rekindle an enthusiasm for exercise & the great outdoors with something as simple as a sports ball. A ball is a timeless toy, bringing family & friends of all ages together for active fun. Our FSC sports balls are match quality, & made sustainably & ethically.

Our Ethletic Size 5, Fairtrade Greenstar Eco Football, made by FairCorp, is the World's most ethical football. Made entirely from FSC certified rubber; this makes it a tough long lasting football, well suited for kids & street football. With Fairtrade mark & FSC logo.

Ethical & Product Info

  • Fairtrade Certified
  • FSC certified (IMO-COC-025582)
  • The world's most eco-friendly football
  • Made entirely from FSC certified natural rubber
  • Fully match compliant
  • Size 5 Fairtrade ball