Our Products

Our products - a bit about them...

We look for products that have been made ethically, using sustainable materials & with the minimum of damage to the environment. We have selected a range of products that children will love, but that will also encourage them to be healthy & active, environmentally friendly & interested in the world around them. The emphasis is on having fun & enjoying the world we live in.

Many of our products are handmade by small producers or fair trade cooperatives & not in large industrial factories. We believe this is the essence of ethical trading & environmentally friendly products; they are made lovingly with care, are more exclusive &, as a result, sometimes cost a little bit more. 

Our products range from colouring crayons & locally sourced craft kits, to handmade rag dolls, locally turned rolling pins & knitting needles, hand-dyed yarn, ethical footballs, hand-painted children's clocks, retro tin lunch boxes, & eco kid's party-essentials. We have a growing range of eco-educational products including board games, placemats & water powered alarm clocks. We provide information on the ethical & green credentials of all our products so that you know exactly what you are buying, how it's been made, & where it has come from.

We believe that understanding our environment will make us, & our children, more inclined to look after it. Some of our products have been selected for their educational qualities. We want to help our children learn about the environment & the importance of Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.

Our products encourage environmentally beneficial behaviour, such as using your imagination, being creative, being active or helping to develop an interest in the environment. We want “looking after the environment” to be fun & to become second nature for our children.

With the help of our own children & their friends we have been able to test-drive all of the products available on our website. If the products don't survive our children & their friends in terms of quality & enjoyment, we don't sell them!