Encourage your child to learn & develop through creating.

Children are naturally creative. They enjoy experimenting with different colours & textures using a variety of art & craft materials & techniques. Learning to be creative will help children to consider creative solutions to problems in the future.  

With the help of our own children & their friends we have been able to test-drive all of the products available on our website.

We noticed, that when provided with an exciting range of good quality crayons, pencils & pastels, & a pile of paper our children's desire to draw, design & create increased dramatically (We now have enough art work to open our own gallery!). The Lyra/Stockmar crayons/blocks, although more expensive than many brands, have been used more & have lasted longer than cheaper alternatives. The oil pastels are a particular favourite as our children are able to create stunning, vibrant drawings against a black paper background with ease.

Our Craft Kits are unique! They are made up of sustainable materials made in and around the Peak District including hand-dyed wool, hand-turned rolling pins & knitting needles made from sustainable wood. Each kit has an instruction card & comes in a handmade cotton bag. The bag has a pocket on the front that can be used as message/name panel with a fabric crayon. The kits are designed to teach fun & useful crafts & skills.

Alternatively, buy one of our recycled bags or boxes and fill it with a selection of art & craft materials of your choosing. Each bag or box comes with a recylced gift tag that can be reused as a bookmark.