Design Your Own Treasure Hunt Bag & Fabric Crayons (Organic / Fairtrade)

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This is a great idea for a Kid's Party Bag. The bag is part of the gift & includes a pack of 8 fabric crayons.

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Creative: Encourage children to learn and develop through creating.
Recycling: Products promoting the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle). By buying this product you are reducing the waste sent to landfill.
Sustainable: Sustainable products. By buying this product you are encouraging sustainable practices (& discouraging unsustainable behaviour, such as deforestation).
Charity: This product raises money for children's charities
Design Your Own Bag with Fabric Crayons
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Made using certified fair trade cotton & meets Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS CU813872)

This is a great idea for a Kid's Party Bag. The bag is part of the gift & includes a pack of 8 fabric crayons. Children can draw a design on the bag either as an activity at the party or when they get home. The bag has a draw string & is great used as treasure hunt bag  at parties. The recycled card label (printed & designed in the UK by Ethical Kidz in conjunction with a local Derbyshire illustrator) explains the concept & how to use the fabric crayons. It is large enough (15 x 6cm) to write a name on & can also be reused as a bookmark. CE Certified.

  • Suitable for Children 3 years +
  • Approx size of Party Bag 20 X 36cm

We are Collecting for Children In Need. If you would like you can help us by selecting the Round Up option when you place your order. Thie option rounds up the cost of the product to the nearest £1 (or 50p!). In this case you would pay an extra 5p which we give to Children in Need.

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