The Human Fruit Machine Kit

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A fruit machine where people are the machine. It's great stall to run at a Fetes or if not, just do it for Fun with friends!

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Educational: Encourage children to discover & learn through play.
Imaginative: Encourage children to develop & learn through imaginative play.
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The Human Fruit Machine

For Fetes or Just Fun!

This game of chance is good on so many levels. It helps children with maths, such as probability, statistics & addition. As well as how to raise money at a fair for a good cause. It will also give them a sense of enterprise.

Children not only love playing this game, but also enjoy setting up & running the stall with friends. Give this pack & the instructions to the children to see if they can work it out for themselves. Anyone can run the stall, however the maths is for children junior school children & above.  

This pack includes:

  • 3 cotton, draw-string bags
  • 9 pieces of wooden fruit or vegetables
  • 4 mini wooden boxes (3 for drawing fruit into & 1 prize box)
  • Instructions (6 pages of: instructions, tips for success, relevant maths exercises, answers/suggestions)

In addition, you will also need:

  • Prizes, we suggest gold & silver chocolate coins, or fresh fruit
  • A Coin Pot (a decorated baked bean tin makes a good noise when a coin is thrown in)
  • A table & 3 chairs in a row
  • Pens & Card for poster making
  • A Bell or whistle

The rules

  • You will need 3 people to run the stall; the human part of the human fruit machine.
  • The 3 people sit side by side behind a table.
  • Each person places one of the small wooden drawers in front of them on the table.
  • Each person has a cotton bag with 3 pieces of fruit inside, one of each type.
  • They sit with the bag on their lap with one hand inside it.
  • When a player wants to play, they are asked to put a coin in the coin pot & ring the bell. This begins the game.
  • When each person running the stool hears the bell they place their hand on one of the pieces of fruit inside their bag. Together they count to 3 aloud & on 3 place whatever fruit they have in their hand in the wooden box on the table.
  • The combination of fruit is checked to determine if a prize has been won.
  • If it is a winning combination a prize is put in the prize drawer & the bell is rung. 
  • Approx. Box Size:  25x18x7 cm 


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