Hand Decorated Cat/Unicorn Pegs

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These pegs are decorated with metal cats & Unicorns by hand by Ethical Kidz.

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Sustainable: Sustainable products. By buying this product you are encouraging sustainable practices (& discouraging unsustainable behaviour, such as deforestation).
Handmade: Unique, handmade products. By buying this product you are helping to keep creative skills alive for future generations.

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These pegs are decorated with metal Cats & Unicorns by hand by Ethical Kidz. When we say hand decorated we mean it - there were no factories involved just a pair of hands & some glue. These pegs are ideal for decorating party bags or gifts. They can also be used to hang pictures or greetings cards from a wire.

Either buy single pegs or a mixed set of 10 at a discounted price.

This is not a Toy.

Approx Size Peg 3.5cm

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