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Composting is the ultimate in the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). With the help of an army of worms & other little creatures present in your garden in their millions you can easily make your own nutrious soil from kitchen waste.

Where are you going to make your Compost?

Either buy a compost bin or find or make yourself a bottomless container. A lid is useful, but not essential.

Place the container in the garden, on soil or grass so the worms & other creatures can get into it.

What are you going to put in it?


Compost Loves...

..."Greens" for nitrogen & moisture ...

  1. vegetable & fruit peelings
  2. used tea bags & coffee grinds
  3. small amounts of grass clippings
  4. small amounts of plant pruning

..."Browns" for fibre, carbon & air

  1. cardboard
  2. egg boxes
  3. scrunched up paper
  4. fallen leaves

... for minerals ...

  1. egg shells

Compost Hates ...

  1. cooked food attracts vermin, so avoid
  2. no dog poo, cat litter or nappies ... yuk!
  3. pereniel weeds (like dandelions)
  4. weeds with seed heads
  5. glossy or printed card or paper
  6. plastic, glass or cans; recycle them!

You need to mix the right amount of stuff...

To make good compost you need to balance your Greens & Browns. If the mix is too wet add more Browns, if it is too dry add more Greens. Ensure there is enough air by adding scrunched up paper & egg boxes.

You need to stir it ...

To add more air mix the compost as often as you can in the container using a garden fork.

You will need to wait while the worms are busy decomposing your waste

It will take 6-9 months for your waste to be converted into compost by the worms, creatures & natural chemical reactions. You will know when it is ready as it will look like slightly lumpy soil. You can now add it to the soil in your garden & use it to grow your own vegetables.

Compost Making Tips 

Handy Tips:

  • Buy loose vegetables in paper bags, then add the bags to the compost to add air.
  • You can speed up the process by weeing on the compost!


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