Make a Rain Catcher

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This nifty little project is fun & can be used to teach children about the water cycle & the effect rain has on their surroundings.

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Get started by downloading our FREE FACT SHEET HERE!

The fact sheet includes a list of what you will need as well as some easy to follow instructions. It also has some data collection suggestions. 

If you don't have what you need, we have put together a reasonably priced kit that contains everything you need, including a copy the instructions. The items in this kit have been selected for their eco-credentials; the spoon is made from sustainable bamboo, the buttons, bag & instructions are recycled, the wool is hand spun & dyed & the mouth is coconut husk string. The kit is £3.95 & can be purchased HERE


Here are some rainy facts & figures to get you started ........

  • June to July 2007 was an extremely wet month, the UK's average rainfall was 270.9mm
  • Spring 2011 (March, April, May) was the warmest in the last 100 years. It was also very dry for some parts of the UK receiving less than 20mm of rainfall

Visit to find out if these records have been broken since & for more rainy facts & figures to compare your data to.